Geospatial Data Reinvented
A geospatial analytics platform for data unification, enrichment, and visualization.

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All-In-One Platform
The geospatial features and datasets you need, packaged in one easy-to-use tool. Make geospatial insights with a few simple clicks, then share them as beautiful maps on the web.
Large-Scale Spatial Data Unification
Hexagon-based spatial indexing removes barriers between geospatial shapes. Save time using Hex Tiles to effortlessly combine, aggregate and correlate datasets with different boundaries, such as states, counties, zip codes and census tracts.
GPU-based Analytics and Visualization
Our GPU powered technology provides unprecedented performance for rapid data exploration. Fluidly filter, aggregate, and play back million-row datasets directly in your browser.
Unfolded Studio
GPU-based browser visualization combined with Unfolded’s backend for massive geospatial processing.
Lovingly crafted by a team of visualization experts to make sure your maps are always beautiful and striking.
Easy to Use
Easy to Use
An intuitive user experience makes complex geospatial and data science concepts easy to work with.
Built with Unfolded
US Demographics
A hexagonal aggregation map of the United States census demographics. Hierarchical hexagonal aggregation allows us to draw geometries based on population density. Color is based on breakdown of race.
Human Land Modification
The level of human modification of the earth at 1 square-kilometer resolution, using the global Human Modification dataset provided by Google Earth Engine. Color red correlates with higher intensity of modification.
United States Elevation
Aggregated elevation across the United States at 1- kilometer resolution, using the SRTM digital elevation dataset.
NASA Night Time Lights
A night time light map of Europe using hexagonal aggregation. Based on Earth Engine’s VIIRS Stray Light Corrected Nighttime Day/Night Band Composites dataset.
United States Tree Heights
Tree heights across the United States at 1-kilometer resolution, based on satellite imagery dataset provided by Google Earth Engine.
Streets of Lyon
The streets of Lyon, France, colored by street type using OSM data.
Manhattan Taxi Trips
A origin-destination map of one day of taxi trips in Manhattan, New York. The 3D arcs connect the pickup and dropoff location of a trip. Many trips happened to and from the three major airports serving the metropolitan area.
Open Source Ecosystem
Unfolded builds on cutting-edge open sourced technologies praised by the community
A framework focused on high-performance, WebGL-based visualization of large datasets on the web.
A powerful web application for geospatial analysis and fast exploration of large-scale datasets.
A hexagonal grid based geospatial indexing system, enabling hierarchical hexagonal aggregation of data.