Earth Day Mapping Challenge: Share Your Maps

By Miriam Young April 12, 2021

In the face of a complex issue like climate change, geospatial data can be a powerful tool - especially if we can visualize it to gain insights.

In honor of Earth Day, we’re inviting our community to help us shine a light on some of today’s most pressing environmental issues. We invite you to show us your best Unfolded Studio maps related to climate change and the environment.

From now through April 21, share your Earth Day Unfolded Studio maps on Twitter by tagging us @Unfolded #maps4earth.

Community voting will start April 19th so get them in the door! We’ll be sharing the top maps on our blog and on the new Unfolded community page.

Questions on using Studio? Just Slack us.

Let the mapping begin! Together, we can chart a path to a greener planet.

Get started.

Miriam Young

Miriam is Director of Communications at Unfolded and passionate about using maps to highlight Earth and environmental issues.