Unfolded and Foursquare Join Forces to Build Future of Geospatial Analytics

By The Unfolded Founding Team May 20, 2021
Unfolded is joining the Foursquare family.
Unfolded is joining the Foursquare family.

At Unfolded, our goal has always been to bring the most advanced geospatial technologies to the world. By joining Foursquare, we can now make that vision a reality.

As founders of Unfolded, we (Sina Kashuk, Shan He, Ib Green and Isaac Brodsky) first met back in 2015 when we were creating what has now become a suite of leading open source geospatial technologies - kepler.gl, deck.gl and H3. Eventually we realized that by bringing these technologies together, we could build a new kind of geospatial analytics platform that would be as powerful as it is beautiful.

Geospatial intelligence has the potential to fundamentally transform how we understand our world and do business, but geospatial datasets can be hard to analyze without expensive software or extensive coding skills. Good geospatial data is also hard to come by.

Just as we once came together around geospatial technologies to launch Unfolded, we have again recognized a huge opportunity in joining forces - this time, with Foursquare. By fueling our technology with one of the most comprehensive location and POI data providers in the world, we will be able to offer entirely new integrated solutions that combine the best of Unfolded and Foursquare.

Unfolded will still be known as Unfolded. But now, with the resources and support of Foursquare, our engineering roadmap can be that much more ambitious. Rest assured there will be no service interruptions. Access to our team and platform will remain absolutely unchanged as we continue to deliver new features and tools to enhance your workflows.

In keeping with our start as builders of open source technologies and communities, we remain committed to growing and fostering Unfolded’s community of geospatial experts and enthusiasts. If you haven’t already, sign up for a free account to Unfolded Studio then connect with our community to ask questions and share your work.

Learn more about this exciting new chapter in Unfolded’s journey. We look forward to the road ahead!

The Unfolded Founding Team

Unfolded founders Isaac Brodsky, Ib Green, Shan He and Sina Kashuk have been developing advanced geospatial technologies such as kepler.gl, deck.gl and H3 for over half a decade and have now joined forces to reinvent geospatial analytics.