The Unfolded Platform integrates with the tools you already use.
Jupyter Notebooks
The Unfolded platform is optimized for doing geospatial data science in Jupyter Notebooks. See Documentation
Google Colab
Google Colab cloud notebooks are easy to share and well suited to machine learning, data analysis and education. See Documentation
Use Databricks interactive cloud notebooks together with the Unfolded platform to create a map-centric collaborative environment for your data teams. See Documentation
Amazon Sagemaker
Use the Unfolded platform inside Amazon SageMaker cloud notebooks to create, train, and deploy geospatial machine-learning models in the cloud. See Documentation
Observable JavaScript notebooks, creating a dream environment for JavaScript-based geospatial data science. See Documentation
Visual Studio Code
Run Unfolded Studio Map SDK notebooks directly in your Visual Studio Code IDE. See Documentation
Export your QGIS maps into Unfolded Studio for further analysis and one-click publishing to the web. See Documentation
Monitoring data with a geospatial component? Add Unfolded Maps to your Grafana dashboards using the Unfolded Grafana Panel Plugin. See Documentation
Data Partners
Unfolded Data Connectors
The Unfolded platform is designed to connect with your existing geospatial data