Unfolded Team
Meet the brilliant minds that make the geo world a little bit more magical
The founders of Unfolded are the creators of several leading open source geospatial technologies and have deep knowledge of the geospatial industry.
Sina Kashuk
Co-founder & CEO
Sina holds a PhD in Civil Engineering and has spent his career applying data science to the geospatial industry.
Ib Green
Co-founder & CTO
Ib is the architect of deck.gl and is dedicated to advancing geospatial analytics using web, GPU and cloud technologies.
Shan He
Co-founder & CPO
Shan is the architect of kepler.gl, one of many tools she developed as the founding engineer of Uber’s Visualization Team.
Isaac Brodsky
Co-founder & COO
Isaac is the technical lead of H3, which he applied to Marketplace Dynamics and other problems while at Uber.
A team of geospatial experts
Ilija Puaca
Software Engineer
Kyle Barron
Software Engineer
Igor Dykhta
Software Engineer
Miriam Young
Wesam Manassra
Software Engineer
Giuseppe Macri
Software Engineer
Chun Jiang
Marko Letic
Software Engineer
Nick Rabinowitz
Software Engineer
Danilo Strbac
Dev Ops
Ilya Boyandin
Software Engineer
Jeanette Chin
Executive Assistant
Brian McClendon
Strategy Advisor
Brian co-created Google Earth and is a former VP of Maps at both Google and Uber.
Mike Driscoll
Strategy Advisor
Mike is CEO of Rill Data and a serial entrepreneur and angel investor.
Auren Hoffman
Strategy Advisor
Auren is CEO of SafeGraph and former CEO of LiveRamp, and a prolific investor, speaker and networker.
Shvet Jain
Board Member
Partner at S28 Capital. Shvet is a serial entrepreneur and has been building companies over the last decade in Silicon Valley.
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